Just Make Stuff | The Vision
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The Vision

Our vision is to create a community SPACE…

A space where we can gather with others to create, learn & have fun together. A space where we share our tools & supplies, our time & skills, our knowledge & passion. A place where creative people can imagine new products, fabricate prototypes, utilize tools and space to develop & produce this product. A place with small business & marketing coaches to help get your idea out to the world. Just MAKE Stuff aspires also to be an extension of school and library programs. Health & nutrition programs will be supported in our commercial kitchen. All ages represented in a menu of classes and open studio time. Skills Share workshops & large/small tool orientations, as well as STE(a)M (Science Technology, Engineering, art, Math) program challenges.

What is a MAKER?

When you talk about MAKERS, it can mean a lot of things all at once. First, its about exploration, discovery, new ideas, creating & building. Its about trying something new and learning. This is how innovation and invention happen. Maybe it doesn’t work as you thought, but you try it again. Its about finding your passion, and then sharing it with others. MAKER spaces are a destination for professional creatives, but also for a larger community of tinkerers, hobbyists, artists and inventors — many of whom have a vision, passion and the motivation to see it through.

What is possible at a MAKER space?

Its only limited by your imagination. We will start out small and grow as we understand what OUR community really wants. From art classes to robot wars, from DIY to Permaculture workshops, from computer classes to fine woodworking. Give us your ideas for this space by filing out our Activity Ideas form. You can also follow our progress by signing up for our twice-monthly eNewsletter.

Is this really going to happen?


Currently there are 2 buildings we are considering in town. Each space has potential, and I’m sure that
either of them will be a great fit for our current and future needs.

We’ve identified 4 phases during our business planning

Phase One
  • Initial outreach
  • Gather a 7 member Board
  • Apply for our non-profit 501(c)3 declaration
  • Finalize the mission and vision
  • Board to review and edit/accept business plan
  • Meet with potential partners in the community, city, school district & local health services
  • Define Opening Day
  • Feedback on community desires of the center
  • Identify potential instructors and Skill Sharing community members
  • Create Fundraising & Grant Application schedule
Phase Two
  • Additional outreach & feedback from community
  • Apply for national, state & local grants
  • Define & fund-raise for remodel work
  • Continue identifying potential instructors and Skill Sharing community members
  • Move into space
  • Create class & event schedule (3 months)
  • Develop online “How can I teach a class” system
  • Board to define membership model
  • Plan & schedule Grand Opening event
  • Create online “needs” list for donor opportunities
Phase Three
  • Additional outreach & feedback from community
  • Remodel initial space
  • Create pre-opening class schedule
  • Create open-studio schedule
  • Fund raise for remaining “needs” (events)
  • Establish volunteer & employee list
  • Grand Opening Event
Phase Four
  • Additional outreach to community
  • Gather feedback from community & partners about justMAKEstuff center
  • Research new funding opportunities
  • Roll out the Membership system
  • Outreach about memberships
  • Define building purchase contract
  • Feedback on community desires of the center
  • Continue identifying potential instructors and Skill Sharing community members
  • Set yearly calendar of holiday and local events collaborative opportunities
This center is for YOU. You have the opportunity to have the kinds of classes & tools that interest you.

Let us know what you would like to add to our offerings, and truly MAKE this everyone’s community work space.