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We are always looking for more great teachers


All information provided at this stage is considered a “draft” idea We may work with you to revise any component as necessary and all details will be mutually agreed upon via the final Class Agreement before a class is offered to the general public.


Use this form to get a proposed class into our system for a sample class. Be sure to complete all info or your submission may be delayed. Current instructors proposing new classes may be waived from the required sample class at our discretion, but this form must still be completed.


Propose a Class

  • If other, please describe separately.
  • This is the minimum number of students that must register for you to run a given session of the class. While we want to respect your time, we also need to provide a great experience for our students. If a class does not meet the required minimum, students are contacted and either offered a refund or to be placed into an upcoming session of the same class. Students who opt to reschedule will only be rescheduled once--meaning even if the next session fails to meet minimum registrations, that class must run.
  • (in hours)
  • Please pick the situation that best describes the best age fit for your class. JMS may restrict high-liability classes (using more dangerous tools or processes) to ages 18+. We do not admit children (age 15 or younger) to adult-oriented classes, for both their safety and for the experience of adult students, though you may have the option of offering private instruction to youth. The requirement of having parent/guardians on-site for minors age 16 or 17 is a matter of your personal preference and comfort. All minors must have a parent sign a paper version of the liability waiver at drop-off regardless of whether you require them to be present during class.
  • Do you need students to wear (or not wear) anything specific? Please describe any safety-related notifications your students need to know ahead of time.
  • Please describe class delivery needs such as audio-visual (e.g. projector, TV, audio, etc); physical (e.g. students need tables, need multiple power supplies on different breakers, need extension cords); or equipment (e.g. tools or technology that should be reserved during your class time).
  • State the total cost of raw materials per person and what this includes. You may have to estimate the use of shared material. Do NOT include the cost for new or additional tools and non-consumables here. If you require JMS to purchase specific tools for this class, please discuss this separately. JMS may adjust this if shop consumables, and shipping or delivery charges are incurred. We can either order and purchase these materials or can reimburse you for your purchase of materials, depending on what we agree makes most sense.
  • JMS splits the class fee (30% to JMS) after materials with the instructor. For example, if a class costs $50 to the student and there's $10 in materials cost, the studio gets $12 and the instructor each get $28. [$50-$10 materials= $40]. Our cut includes use of our tools (if applicable) and the use of our facilities, liability insurance, customer service regarding the orders, the event management & payment processing, and marketing & promotions of our programming. We may raise or lower your suggested price based on our understanding of the marketplace and the relative cost compared to similar classes.
  • Write as you would be pitching the idea to prospective students: What will they learn? Describe what they will make, create, design, or other take-aways. What skills will they develop, practice, or experiment with? Is this class intensely covering a narrow amount of info or is this meant to be an overview of much info?
  • Please provide 1-3 sentences about you and your experience that we may include on your class posting. JMS may edit this content as needed.
  • Preferred Beta Class Date Pick a date at least two weeks in the future. Current instructors offering a new class may be waived from a beta class at our discretion. Beta classes are run to a small group of current members, instructors, and/or administrators, at a cost that covers materials fees and a nominal stipend for your time. This is an opportunity for us to make sure a prospective class meets our quality expectations and an opportunity for you to run through your class to friendly peers that can provide valuable feedback about the class scope, timing, and potential unforeseen difficulties. Please lists dates/times that would work for you.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.