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Meet our Instructors

If you are interested in becoming an instructor at JMS, fill out our Propose a New Class form or call to learn more


Anne Clausen


Anne is a teacher turned artist who has instructed fun projects over many years. Please come and play with me.




Classes Anne teaches


  • Mixed Media
  • Watercolor
  • Plein air


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Lars Clausen


Since 2004 I have self-published 5 books covering a Guinness World Record unicycle ride, an LGBT equal rights journey, two books on healing, and a workbook. I’m currently in editing/publication mode for my next book. Background; pastor, engineer, healer, farmer, author, the next shiny thing.

Lars has worked as a healer in Chelan for the past six years. He developed and uses The ICE Method to bring calm to the upsets in our lives, which leads to greater emotional and physical freedom.

Classes Lars teaches


  • Publishing
  • PTSD & Anxiety relief


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Vibs Clausen


Vibs Clausen has taught lace and needle arts for the past 50 years. A native of Denmark, Vibs spend most of her life in Southern California. She moved to Chelan in the past year and enjoys sharing the history of needlecrafts and teaching people to enjoy making lace.




Classes Vibs teaches


  • Needle Tatting
  • Bobbin Lace


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cherylannCherylAnn Crego


CherylAnn Crego serves on the Just MAKE Stuff Board of Directors. She and her husband, Kent Getzin, provide private chef services and music lessons in the valley via CheffyK & CA, LLC.


She has been making Vision Boards each year for the last 10+ years, is passionate about the value they provide, and is excited to share that value with you.

Classes CherylAnn teaches


  • Vision Boards
  • Music classes (piano & singing)
  • Cooking & Events


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saraSara Hasslinger


I am an art teacher of many mediums, with an interest in technical process and results, as well as intuitive process and healing. I am drawn to the transfomative nature in creative experiences….with an emphasis on perception shifting between part vs. whole. (ie…spoke vs. wheel)

Classes Sara teaches


  • Painting
  • Mixed-media
  • Paper-Maché


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MKeller-USFS_Carving-1Michael Keller


Michael Keller has been woodcarving since he was 8 years old. He has taught classes in his studio and has won countless awards including two Manson Apple Blossom Festival “Best of Show.” Michael has created a blog (http://michaelkellerwoodcarving.com/) with many thousands of views covering all aspects of woodcarving by readers around the globe.


Contact Michael

Classes Michael teaches


  • Woodcarving


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Jeanne McElvaney


Author of 8 books about personal empowerment. Most recent is “Ignite Changes Using Energy”
Event Coordinator for the mind~body~spirit 3-day retreat in April. UnwindExplore.com
Energy Healer – current challenges and childhood wounds
Energy Reader – get encouraging, empowering information
Website: GoToSpirit.com

Classes Jeanne teaches


  • Writing
  • Energy Sessions


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Concie Luna


An art minor in college, I didn’t do much “art work” until after I retired. Now it is fun to experiment and grow and see what evolves. We are all artists, some just haven’t discovered their medium, yet.


Concie is also a member of our Board of Directors

Classes Concie teaches


  • Mixed Media
  • Open Studio Sessions


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sherrySherry Palmiter


Sherry Palmiter is a multi-media artist and has been a graphic designer for over 35 years. Her business is SalmonBerry Designs. She has been providing clients websites and social media services for the last 12 years.


She works with the Roots Community School providing a curriculum based around invention since their opening in 2017. You can also find her at the Chelan Library every Tuesday from 4-6pm providing their  STEM programs to kids.


Sherry was part of the team that began the Chelan Thursday Evening Farmers Market and was its manager for the first 5 years. She continues to serve on their board and brings events to the market.


Sherry is the Executive Director of Just MAKE Stuff.  Contact her

Classes Sherry teaches


  • Photoshop
  • Mastering Social Media
  • Color Theory
  • Design Suite Basics
  • Microsoft Office Suite Basics
  • Learning to use your cellphone, tablets etc.
  • Website building
  • Simple Electronics
  • 3D Printing & Lite CAD (Tinkercad)
  • Open Studio Sessions
  • Community Projects


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Yarely (Jasmin) Sales


Jasmin started art at age 13 with Graffiti Art then moved to drawing.
Her passion for drawing and painting portraits grew and she happily spend loads of time on her craft.

Jasmin currently teaches in the MOE Afters Program.

She also teach private Art and Dance classes

She is very excited to start teaching at JMS and will be one of our main volunteers.

Classes Jasmine teaches


  • Portraits
  • Drawing
  • Oil Painting
  • Graffiti
  • Open Studio Sessions
  • Community Projects


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